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OUR WINNERS OF THE COMPETITION “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2018” and  “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2018”  ARE – LEILA SMEILE  & RICHARDS ROZMISS.

Princess 2018:
Peoples Choise – Luīze Bērziņa
1. place – Sofija Tērauda
2. place – Estere Kronberga
3. place – Milāna Kazanceva
4. place – Elizabete Trautmane

Prince 2018:
Peoples choise – Rojs Loze
1. place Martins Krūcis
2. place Patriks Hugo Melnalksnis
3. place Marks Krošs


Peoples Choise – Duets Katrina and Madara
1. pace – trio Wake up
2. place – Adriana Turlaja
3. place – Jekaterina Chekushina
4. place – Agate Strage

“My children are the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up every morning”. /Gena Lee Nolin/

“Children Elite Beauty Talent”, “Children Elite Beauty Princess” and  “Children Elite Beauty Prince”  (from 8 to 14 years old).

The society “Elite Beauty Queens” organizes an international beauty and talent contest for children – “Children Elite Beauty Talent”, “Children Elite Beauty Princess” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince” in the age of 8 to 14 years.

Parents, raising children, are trying to give them all the best, this is exactly the motto “Elite Beauty Queens”, with which a competition for children is held. We and the people participating in the project – teachers and psychologists – will help children find their place in society and contribute to the process of socialization. In the organization of the beauty contest and talents will attract well-known people from Latvia who will share their experience. People participating in the project will strive to ensure that children feel joy improving and showing their children’s talents.

Since school times, classes have been conducted in an open and free atmosphere – laughter and chatter accompanied by positive emotions and beauty around. We also join the correct understanding of beauty!

The competition of talents and beauty for girls and boys is organized in cooperation with Latvian schools. At least five finalists will be nominated from each school for competitions, which will have the opportunity to compete for the main titles of the competition. Not only the winners of the competition, but also other children will have the opportunity to represent Latvia in the most prestigious international competitions of talent and beauty for children.

The aim of the competition is to give young participants from Latvia and other countries the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and achievements, to get an assessment of specialists, to compare the level of skill with other participants.


“Children Elite Beauty Talent” contest is a children’s contest where the participant has the opportunity to present one of his talents: the time of performance is up to three minutes;

– Vocals (soloists, duets, trios, groups, family ensembles, choral collectives;

– Instrumental performances (soloists, duets, trios, groups, family ensembles);

– Choreography (variety (disco, classical jazz, etc.), folk dance, stylization of folk dance, ballet dance (European program, Latin American program), classical dance, neoclassical dance, sports dance, dance show, street dance (hip- hop, Dance, House, etc.) Modern dance (jazz-modern, modern, neo-folk, etc.); Children’s role-playing dance (soloists, duets, trios, groups);

– Fashion and fashion theater;

– Rhetoric;

(Participants can apply for one or more nominations)

Categories of the contest “Children Elite Beauty Princess” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince”:

  1. Stylized national dress;
  2. Talent contest – free choice of presentation no longer than 4 minutes;
  3. Photo at the video corner – photo session under the guidance of a modern and professional photographer (choose clothes that suit you, and in which you will feel good);
  4. Festive dress.

Participants of the contestants “Children Elite Beauty Princess” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince” will be evaluated by a professional international jury.

The main titles of the contests “Children Elite Beauty Princess” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince”:

1) winners – “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019”;

2) 1st Runner Up –  “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019 – I” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019 – I”;

3) 2st Runner Up –  “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019 – II” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019 – II”;

4) 3st Runner Up –  “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019 – III” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019 – III”;

5) 4st Runner Up –  “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019 – IV” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019 – IV”;

6) “Children Elite Beauty Princess 2019 – People Choice” and “Children Elite Beauty Prince 2019 – People Choice”.

All participants of the Children Elite Beauty Princess and Children Elite Beauty Prince receive the so-called “small” titles, such as “Children Elite Beauty Talent 2019”, “Children Elite Beauty Model 2019”, etc., and so – Small consolation prizes.

You can apply for participation by sending an email to

Voting for the contestants will be held on the website


Beauty is a power!

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